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A Legal Experience Like No Other!

Located in Downtown Edmonton, our office provides affordable legal representation to residents living within Alberta's Capital Region in the areas of Divorce, Family Law, and Immigration.


When you retain Tinarwo Law you gain a dedicated team focused on finding traditional and creative ways to get the best possible outcome for you. Our advocates work hard to level the legal playing field, although we understand that your legal matter is no game. We strive to provide quality legal representation with the benefit of years of experience in order to find the best resolution to your situation.

We are invested in the outcome of every file, every case and every client. You will never feel like ‘just a number’ with us, as we know our clients by name, and know their stories by heart.

We strive for excellence and to be the exception among the many choices you have for legal representation. In choosing Tinarwo Law, you are giving yourself the tools to achieve the best outcome possible for your situation.

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